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Our online shop is not yet open however we stock a full range of Spit and Paslode Products. Please pop into our depot at 49-50 Ablow Street or call one of our team on 01902 42 51 51 to find out more about our products and delivery services. 

The Spit/Paslode product range includes: 

  • Paslode Direct Fixings
  • Spit Direct Fixings
  • Spit Power Tools & Accessories
  • Spit Extrem Fixing Range
  • Spit Chemical Anchors
  • Spit Mechanical Anchors
  • Spit Construction Screws

and much more...

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Our Spit & Paslode accessories will fit a full range of Paslode tools, just let us know your requirements and we can help you out - 01902 42 51 51