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Fischer Nail Fuel Packs

- Available in a variety of finishes: Galvanised, Bright, HDGV and Stainless Steel

Fischer has introduced a brand new product to the UK Nail Fuel Pack market utilising manufacturing expertise and extensive construction knowledge, particularly in the framing nail market. The Fischer Nail Fuel Pack contains a gas fuel cell, with no use by date, that contains 10% more shots than nails in a box and can work in weather conditions down to -15°C.

The nail itself outperforms others in resistance to corrosion and the steel strength.

Compatible with most nail guns including:
- ITW Paslode IM350 and IM350+
- Makita GN900SE
- Hitachi NR90GC/NR90GC2
- Rawlplug WW90CH
plus other Senco, Powers, Max & BeA tools

CE Approved EC5 EN14592